Monday, February 27, 2012

Endless Blessings Birth Doula Services

What would it be like to have your ideal birth experience? Would it be the same as the
child or children that you already birthed or would it be different? Would you have
different support people there or did you feel fully supported? Do you feel like you had
all the education that you need before you had your baby?

At Endless Blessings our mission is to support birth parents and pregnant women
in the High Country, so that they feel valued and of worth; by serving, educating,
supporting, and encouraging them, so that they might have an empowering and
satisfying birth experience and confident early parenthood.

We know that as a mom, starting out right is important and we are passionate about what
we do. We are passionate about women having an empowering birth experience where
they have enough information to call all the shots, even if everything doesn’t go perfectly
as planned. And, we are passionate about supporting women as them embark in early

We recently unveiled a new website that will be the High County source for information
when it comes to pregnancy, birth, post-birth and have services that can fit some of your

Right now, we have some fabulous giveaways going on to celebrate and we want to
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